martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Microvidas III

I've been waiting a long, long time to be brave enough, to be sure enough. I've waited too much I think... In fact, I know I have.
I was expecting a change. I was expecting you'll notice on your own. I was expecting you'd realise where our limits were. I had such great expectations... I hid beneath them and was too scared to come out.
So now that I'm finally ready, now that I've learned and I know it, now that I'm finally strong enough to declare the feelings I've kept inside for so long, whose power was so brutal I felt as if I could burst, now that I know you will never be brave enough for anything, I just wanted to say to you one simple thing:

Could you, please, just fuck off??!!

2 comentarios:

LiZ dijo...


Grande, Olaya, grande!

Tiny Dancer dijo...

La valentía tiene muchas formas. La cobardía, creo que sólo una.
Respecto a tu alta producción literaria... What's going on! xD